LOTL: Queer Conversation

Diversity And Inclusion In Rotary

May 25, 2023 LOTL Season 6 Episode 9
LOTL: Queer Conversation
Diversity And Inclusion In Rotary
LOTL: Queer Conversation +
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Show Notes

 When the international service organisation Rotary was founded 118 years ago, membership was reserved for “adult male persons of good character and good business or professional reputation,” as outlined in its then Constitution.  Women were not officially allowed to be members of Rotary Clubs until the 1980s when the US Supreme Court ruled that Rotary could not exclude women based on gender.

And, of course, some people were not officially excluded but often made to feel unwelcome in practice, including members of the LGBT+ community.  

But two current Rotary members say that well-established organisations like Rotary can become more diverse and inclusive with the right approach.  #RotaryInternational #diversityandInclusion

Watch the interview or read the article: https://tinyurl.com/ytbedm33

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